Our Horse Services

Pasture Boarding

Our pasture guest herd currently consists of 7 mares, 2 fouls and 2 yearlings. We currently offer full or self care pasture boarding with Daylight hours access. Farrier services will arrive every 8 weeks and client will be notified prior to provide payment for services.  We also have a limited number of trailer parking spots available for rent.


Future services will include Full and Partial Stall Boarding with secure, individual tack lockers. Partial self-care stall boarding is anticipated to cost $300 and Full-care Stall Boarding will likely cost $500 per month. Whether you choose Pasture or Stall boarding, our future facilities will include access to our 50' round pen and open air 100' x 200' arena. 


Full Pasture Boarding - $250 a month

Full boarding includes access to water, feedings twice daily and horse checks. Acadiana Sunset Stables will provide the feed, hay and the occasional treat. Horses always have access to 33 acres for grazing. 

Self Care Pasture Boarding - $150 a month

Self boarding allows access to 33 acres for riding and grazing. The client is responsible for all feedings. 

Contact us for more information or questions about our current and future planned services!

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