Sales policy


When you buy a goat from us we assume you have read & agree to everything stated on this page.


We reserve the right to refuse any sale


Deposits are NOT refundable. We require a 25% deposit to hold any animal for 7 days unless other arrangements are made. If payment is not made by the end of the 7th day, we will place that animal back up for sale on the 8th day and deposit will be waived. Deposits can be made via VENMO, Chase Pay via Zelle, USAA Wire transfer, Money Order or Cash. We do not accept checks unless prior arrangement is made and we do not accept payment via Paypal at this time. We offer invoices with all deposits and sales. 

ALL money paid is NON-REFUNDABLE unless something happens to your goat while they are
in OUR care. Please make sure you are prepared to bring your goats home BEFORE you pay for them.
Check with your family, landowner and homeowners associations before contacting us to buy a goat.


We do NOT sell any of our goats for meat so please do not ask. Our kids are handled from birth and put a LOT of time into each of our kids so that our customers get happy, healthy, well adjusted goats. Unless requested, all kids are either DISBUDDED or POLLED. We do not routinely sell horned kids.

If you purchase a BOTTLE BABY you will be responsible for providing any care it needs, including vaccines & worming, at the appropriate times. Kids can leave at 7 days of age after they have been disbudded and are doing well on a bottle unless prior arrangements have been made for the kid to stay longer. All kids will come with a bottle and nipple that they are used to and a small amount of goat's milk for you to transition them to whole cow's milk as well as a registration application to your chosen registry. (Nigerians can be registered with the ADGA, AGS or NDGA). If you want to register your kid with more than one registry let us know before you pick them up and additional applications can be provided).

Our entire herd is tested for Caprine arthritis encephalitis (CAE) yearly and we have never had a case of Caseous Lymphadenitis (CL) on our property. Louisiana is a Brucellosis free state and since we do not sell our milk for human consumption we do not feel the need to test for these.


All new animals to our herd come from tested herds and often have been tested prior to purchase. We also quarantine all new animals for at least 7 days for testing, worming and observation before introducing them to our existing herd.


However, we can not guarantee the continued health of any goat once they leave our herd. Even though you are buying a kid from a tested herd we highly recommend you continue to test yearly! If you are purchasing a goat from us over 6 months of age from us we will happily run a new CAE test on them at our expense IF they have not been tested within the last 12 months. If you want any specific tests such as CAE, CL, Jones, TB or Brucellosis run on any goat in our herd that you are purchasing, we will happily test at your expense. 


All goats that leave our farm appear outwardly healthy and do not show any signs of illness at the
time of leaving. They do not have diarrhea and have been kept on a de-worming schedule with the
rest of the herd. Once a goat leaves our farm, the new owner is responsible for their health. Stress
from being moved (and weaned) can often bring on numerous health issues quickly, shipping fever is
common in goats. Should your goat become ill, please consider contacting a veterinarian


If the buyer requires a health certificate from a licensed veterinarian, it will be at the buyers expense.
If you want or need a health certificate please let us know at least 2 weeks before your kid(s) are scheduled to leave due to limited vet appointment availability due to COVID 19. 

We guarantee our goats are negative for CAE and CL for seven (7) days after they leave our farm.
After seven days we can not be responsible for these diseases. They can easily be picked up in their
new environment or even brought home on your clothes from other farms.

We want our goats to live out a happy life in caring homes and when you purchase a goat from us
you are always welcome to contact us with questions and concerns at any time throughout the life of
your goat. If we don't have the answer, we will happily try to help you find the proper resources.